About our tents

Our luxury bell tents are of the highest quality and made from 100% cotton canvas.  The design is simple and stylish and they are quick and easy to put up and take down. With enough headroom to stand up in they offer versatile space not just for camping in comfort, but for hosting parties of all kinds and it means you can plan for a party and not worry if the weather is unpredictable.

Unlike conventional tents, which can become stuffy on hot or humid days, the sides can be rolled up and the breeze can come in and you can stay comfortable in the shade. With the opening flaps folded back fully open and having just a single pole in the centre, they make an ideal chill-out area where drinks of food could be served, or people can just sit back and relax on comfy cushions.

The 4m tents sleep 4 adults in comfort and the 5m sleeps 6.

We offer a choice of sizes and colours.  Most of our tents have a diameter of either 4 metres or 5 metres. The centre pole has a hoop for attaching lighting, decorations or an inner tent.  The dimensions for the 4m and 5m respectively are:

  • Pitch area required (ie. including guy ropes):  50 and 64 square metres.   i.e. the guy ropes extend about  1.5 - 2m from the tent, so the total diameter required is between 8 and 9 metres.
  • Maximum height (i.e. centre pole):  2.5m  and 3m
  • Interior ground area:  12.5 and 19.5 square metres
  • Packed dimensions:  100cm x 30cm x 24cm  and  100cm x 39cm x 30cm
  • Weight: 22kg and 31kg


 PLEASE NOTE – These tents are NOT FIREPROOF so there must be no smoking or naked flames inside the tent! 

We accept no responsibility for damage to property or persons.

daigram2 diagram